Silence and Power
would you stick your hand in fire if it 'provoked you' !?!
Don't change her clothes, Change Mindsets
How to Intervene?
Stupidity can aggravate
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The Sexual Conundrum: How we are “following the Western Culture”

Our love for our Culture can sometimes go so far that we start downplaying the importance of necessary protection real-life worldwide concerns like HIV, in the worry that it will somehow end up in a world where sex becomes our primary currency and one will not be able to open their own living room door without finding an orgy of illicit sexual partners in compromising positions. One could say that such concerns may not be completely grounded in facts, but then one would still be working on an assumption.

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We The People, Reclaim The Republic

  When: Sunday, 26th January 2014 Time: 2:30pm Where: Barakhamba Road-Tolstoy Road Crossing (Delhi) Link:   This Republic Day, as the government-sponsored parade of weapons, and its simplistic representation of ‘Unity in Diversity’ make its way down Rajpath, will your place in the Republic be represented? Or will your concerns continue to be ignored?   […]

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